Word – to be chosen with care

Reflecting on the word  “WORD”.
Marshall B. Rosenberg, in Nonviolent Communications, asks if our words are creating a wall or a window. Word choice is important in so many ways and English is a marvelously flexible language, allowing us to be really selective and find just the right nuance, the right flavor. Of course, that takes a reflective pause. In the heat of the moment is when we need a word that is a window, that opens dialogue, if we want to continue with the relationship. And that is often when choices fail to appear because emotion is running high. Choose your words.

Words can also create the world. A declaration of words sets actions into motion and makes for a different future. Think of those not so simple two words, “I do.” Declare with intention.

And significantly, as people listen to our spoken words, they are also observing our bodies and what emotions they can detect for congruence. Are our words aligned with our values, with our actions? Speak authentically.

Choose your words. Create the future- the next moment, the next year, the next several years.

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