Revolutionary Spirit

I am listening to Hamilton as we approach July 4 and reflecting on the spirit embodied in this musical.  “Scrappy and hungry.”  

I think each person is a package of many emotions, urges and drives, and I think among those is an urge to create, an urge to improve.  Sometimes, depending on circumstances, it is necessarily limited to improving basic living conditions for oneself and family.  Sometimes, with that satisfied, we can bring our yearning and our light to creating better conditions in our society and our world.

And sometimes people are tired, or comfortable or afraid of too much change.  Sometimes those who are tapping their revolutionary spirit look wild and threatening to the “natural order”.  And isn’t that exactly what those young people did-  threaten the order, in pursuit of something better.   I think the world misses a great asset when that light, vision and creative spark is squelched.  

I’m trying to tap into the ongoing stream of betterment and light for our world.

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