DISCOVER – Executive Coaching

EXECUTIVE COACHING                                                 


When we listen with more than our ears we hear more than the words.
In our coaching we encourage your deeper relation to yourself and to the world around you, creating an opening movement toward connectedness. We support individuals as they make shifts that create new fields of possibilities- possibilities for additional actions and possibilities for new results.
Your actions outside our sessions are part of the learning experience. Be curious and open.
• Deepen understanding of the environment in which you work
• Deepen awareness of personal perspectives and responses
• See new possibilities
• Understand the impact that personal decisions and approaches are having on the environment
• Anticipate other points of view and responses
• Work through difficult conversations and become conflict competent
• Develop greater effectiveness on the job

Coaching is always: A partnership, individualized, confidential, an unfolding process, in tune with the competencies described by the ICF, generative.

Group Coaching supports shared values, conflict competence, many of the benefits of individual coaching, and goal focus. With potential results similar to those for individual coaching.  We emphasize individual growth and group development in understanding of each other and increased capacity for effective action.