THRIVE – People Achieve Lasting Results

Non-Profit Organizations:
• “Thanks again for your help in facilitating the New Orleans focus group on engaging National Service in disaster work. The event was a great success and we now have a much clearer focus for the work ahead in the project. I’m especially pleased at the outcomes, given the very high expectations from the program officers at the Federal agency that oversees this work and the diverse interests represented by those in the group. We’ve gotten nothing but praise from those who participated, and notably great feedback from our program officers (who have very high standards). – Points of Light Foundation
• “As our guide you helped us to experience what can happen when we, as a program, pool all our energies together to work towards a common goal….Through organized self-expressive activities, trust walks/trust circles, team games and group discussions you set the stage for what turned out to be interesting – and unexpected results….Overall, Kate, your guidance was instrumental in our understanding that a productive team consists of a variety of characteristics and when joined together it can be a powerful force.” -The Lourie Center Early Head Start (LCEHS)
• “I just wanted to take time out to thank you again for assisting us on Wednesday. Your organization and facilitation skills helped us to see out of different (and cleaner) lenses and to think more broadly. Again, “thank-you”. ” – Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington DC Region

Federal Government Agencies:
• “it’s like looking in a mirror and hearing back from myself.” -coaching client
• Your coaching saved my career. For that I will always be thankful. I’ll never forget how you’ve changed my
• -“Excellent experience overall. I was surprised with how much I have learned and grown. The process has helped me notice more of my own behaviors which allows me to improve my leadership style. It has helped me realize there is a significant shift from “the one who does’ to ‘the one who leads’.” coaching client

Health Care Sector:
• “Kate is attentive and responsive to the needs of the client, especially under tight deadlines. She is friendly and always upbeat and a pleasure to deal with, and she is very respectful.”
• “It seems as if Kate is in service to all individuals and groups with whom she comes in contact, looking for any opportunity to assist, guide and teach.”
• “Through her conversations and sensitive attitude, Kate was able to have staff feel relaxed and heard and was able to help the group be productive
and respectful for each other.”

Private Sector:
• “My hearty thanks for your work; your gifts – engagement, facilitation, expertise in the subject matter – yes I know you worked for the expertise but it is rarely experienced as a gift and with you, it was – were quite apparent and appreciated.”

Education Institutions:
• “the EDGE-sponsored workshop by Kate Trygstad was a superbly presented experiential learning experience of the first order!”
• “Kate Trygstad has a deep capacity to listen and work effectively with diverse people.”