• Moon Rise at home in California

    Moon Rise at home in California

    I am pleased to announce that Moon Rise found a home in California even before it made its way onto this website. The new owner expressed delight with it.It is a 12x36" oil painting..

  • Solo show Waters Of Life appearing April 2023

    Solo show Waters Of Life appearing April 2023

    "Waters Of Life" is showing at Gallery Underground in Arlington during April 2023.

    “Waters Of Life” explores this life-giving force through paintings, in scenes both personal and universal.
    Having always lived near water, I have long felt its call and recognized the power it holds for me. The wonderful lakes of Minnesota and the Mississippi River running through my home town of Minneapolis remain foundational to who I am. Other residences and many travels have found bodies of water featured as an important element. They touch me deeply. And physically, large bodies of water call to the water in our bodies, our largest component.
    Water is fundamental to life, we must consume it, and essential to clean and healthful living. Water is a precious gift. How do we honor that gift?
    Water is water is water.
    I explore the impact of water in styles inspired by the several subjects. My work is primarily impressionistic and expressionistic. The viewers, as second artists, are invited to bring their own experiences and responses to the work.

  • Summer 2020

    The catastrophe of spring and spread into summer and, though we all know the pandemic will end, the end is not yet in sight.

    The conditions that are magnified by our isolation and dramatic shifts in society provide additional inspiration, even necessary drive, for art work.

    Gallery Underground in the Crystal City area of Arlington, VA has reopened. My paintings there in August are Rise Up, Hear Us, and Winds of Change. Although we are not holding our Friday receptions which usually draw crowds, we do encourage people to come and browse in person and to see some art online.

    Contact me with questions.

    Painting, maintaining my garden, knitting, and even sometimes cooking are my creative outlets. What are yours?

  • summer of 2019

    My deepest inspirations this year have taken me into painting a sense of unity with the universe. First, Presence showed ties to many elements of the world after personae were cast off. Then Circles had people joined together and holding hands with a tree, while cycles of nature and life are suggested. Third, completed in August is Spirit with the fire that burns within each of us shown existing in a landscape of rolling hills and woods, while close examination of a cloudy sky discovers many hands extended downward as spirits remain.

    I also continue to ponder more concrete things that matter to us. From this emerged Weeping Mountain, a mountain experiencing glacial melt in this time of climate change.

    I will soon visit Cape Cod again and perhaps be inspired by another Sippiwissett Sunset.

  • What's Up This Summer

    "Viewers", a 24 x30" oil is on view in June at the Gallery Underground in Crystal City, a gallery of the Arlington Artists Alliance.

    I expect to have three paintings in the focus gallery of Gallery Underground with the theme of "Hot" in July.

    August brings "Fire Earth Wind Water", a juried show , to the Gallery Underground and I plan to submit three entries. Stay tuned for more.

  • National Juried show at Gallery Clarendon

    National Juried show at Gallery Clarendon

    Uprooted on view February 2019. It appears in the national juried show "Signs of the Times" at Gallery Clarendon in Arlington, VA. Notice the uprooted people, the people helping people, and the people moving into the light of hope who are portrayed more clearly than the others.